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Friday, 11 August 2017

Camping & Caravanning In Hondeklipbaai

Even though I am very comfortably situated in one of the local residences here in Hondeklipbaai, I thought it would be a good idea to check out the camping site in town. Hondeklipbaai has a caravan park that is owned by the local municipality, from what I understand. In this blog, I will share photos of the caravan park with you and share some of my own observations as a cursory inspector.

Just one of the views from the caravan park

I should start by saying that a camping site can hardly be more conveniently situated for both view as well as amenities. It is easy to find, being right on the waterfront, and in the main street of the town. Do not be fooled by the word town, as there are precious few shops around. Yet, you will be able to buy everything you need at the local stores and need hardly be concerned about running out of anything. The only thing the town does not have, that I’ve become aware of, is an ATM. It has a butchery, a bakery, several restaurants and a couple of small stores where you can buy just about everything and anything you wish for.

The contact numbers for the caravan park: 027 692 3066 or 073 247 3931

Hondeklipbaai even has a clothing store of sorts. The Rooi container (the store is literally inside a red container) is a community project. It relies on donations from tourists and others for its existence. The local community finds it very hard and expensive to get to larger towns, and most are too poor to afford new clothes. Therefore the Rooi Container sells second-hand clothing at next to nothing to the community. The money thus generated is collected and put to a good cause at the end of the year. Past donations included equipping the nursery school with art materials, as well as sponsoring a local child who received national colours to be kitted out. If you have any old books, clothes or linens, please consider bringing it along and hand it in at the Rooi Container next to The Shack Coffee Shop.

The grounds of the caravan park 

In the meantime, I became sidetracked. I actually wanted to tell you about the view from the caravan park. It is in one word simply spectacular. You can literally see the whole bay from the park, including the lighthouse, the shipwreck, the ice house and the jetty from which the fishing vessels are launched. This makes it very easy to buy fresh fish in season from the fishermen when they return with the catch of the day!

The self-catering accommodation next to the caravan park

Contact details for the self-catering accommodation next to the park 

The camping grounds are immaculate! It is in pristine condition with not so much as a single scrap of paper or a bottle around. There are bins visible in prominent places, electrical outlets at all camping stations, and the beautifully built braais that have not been neglected, but are sturdy and clean.

The single ablution block on the premises 

I next turned my attention to the ablution block. I could not detect a separate kitchen area, nor a laundry room. I am also not sure that the town offers laundry amenities. I am told that the self-catering guest house, right next to the caravan park, used to offer this service, bit nobody is sure if this is still the case. If this is important to you, feel free to contact Andre from By Die Baai at 082 828 3830. I have included photos of theses premises as well.

 The braai areas for the individual camp sites

I could not gain access to the ablution blocks as the doors to these were locked. Normally this is a good sign, as it means that loiterers and vandals are kept out. Yet, there were a number of issues that raised some concerns. The floor to one of the ablution sides was very wet, as if there was a major leak inside. Two of the outside taps had also not been closed properly leaving the are muddy and wet. Outside sinks and troughs were present at some stage, but has long since been removed. I can say that I could not detect any foul odours permeating from the ablution facilities. I took pictures from all around the outside of the building, but sadly could not get a single picture of the inside.

Another spectacular view from the park 

Outside the ablution block 

This wet floor had me concerned 

I think the caravan park has a lot to offer, especially if you are not overly dependent on ablution and washing facilities, but as I’ve said, there are self-catering facilities right next door and it may very well be possible to reach some sort of agreement with the owners if it turned out that more was needed than was on offer by the park. That said, there are plenty of guest houses in town and I’m sure one of these would be willing to accommodate outside guests regarding laundry, if you were willing to pay them a fee. The people of Hondeklipbaai are open, friendly and very helpful when it comes to tourists and visitors.

Electricity supply seemed to be amply provided for 

The only visible geyser seemed a trifle too small to serve the whole park? 

Sewage outlets would make it seem that each side of the ablution block has at least three toilets inside.

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