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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Bud there are no blooms!

Namaqualand is known for its flowers around this time of year. Yet, there are precious few of these visible as I type this. Some tourists find this disappointing, completely disregarding the beauty that is Namaqualand even without its blooms. Will there be flowers this year? If the veld is anything to go by, the answer has to be a resounding Yes! I meandered through the veld over the past week and could not help being in awe of all the buds covering the shrubs, grasses and bushes all around me. When all of these lose their reservations and come into full bloom, it promises to be nothing short of spectacular. Are you planning a trip to Namaqualand this season? Then let me give you a photographic foretaste of what awaits, as the veld covered itself in promises.

Tiny blooms are making a shy appearance 

The extroverts are already out in full bloom 

An array of colours are already promising the spectacle of colour that is to come 

At a distance it may not look like much... 

... but up close the blooms and buds are already visible 

Even the 'grass' is blooming 

Dress rehearsal for the upcoming show 

From a distance, the yellow is already catching the eye 

Up close, it catches the imagination as well 

What I like about Namaqualand is that both leaves and blooms compete to attract attention with its arrays of colour 

In this arid landscape, life will persist 

This model posed and pranced and insisted on being photographed as a seasoned Namaqualander who has become used to the attention of camera-ed travelers passing through the area

Theses succulents blushed as I pointed the camera in their direction, trying to hide their blooming beauty from me, like a shy toddler hiding behind its mother's skirt.

I found it hard to find a single leave that did not present me with shades of colurs, but if you look carefully you will note the buds hiding among the leaves

I tried to zoom in on most of the plants to give you an idea of what awaits 

I can hardly contain my excitement at the prospect of seeing shrubs like these in full bloom 

More promises awaited in every new plant or shrub that caught my eye 

Even the hardened plants in the road decided to play along in this game of blooming mystery 

 The differences in the shapes of the leaves caught my attention here.

Tiny, but beautiful 

Delicate promises 

Belle of the ball, this lady plays hostess to the campers in the caravan park at Hondeklipbaai 

These reminded me of lobster claws. It would not surprise me if they were named after it. 

Grey buds playing a game of deception as it hides its coming beauty in a cloak of mystery 

These geometric beauties have held a fascination for me ever since my first visit to Namaqualand and I am always looking out for them. 

This wildflower garden is at the entrance to one of the local residences

This pale yellow is less exuberant than most of its counterparts, yet it equals them in beauty

I'll end my photographic journey with this image of an ant trying to force its way into a snail's abode

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