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Monday, 11 September 2017

How to spend a month in Hondeklipbaai - a survivors guide Part 1

I have noticed that there is one consistent reaction I encounter when people learn that I will be spending three months in Hondeklipbaai - they all seem to think I will grow bored and wonder out loud what I could possibly find to occupy my time with. I have wondered this myself before coming here and have accordingly booked extra luggage on the plane so I could bring my art materials with. A month and a half later, I am still hoping I will get an opportunity to simply sit down and paint something. So what is there to do in a town with a mere 650 permanent residents? Let me share some ideas on what I have been doing and maybe you will be inspired to search out a small town of your own to visit for an extended stay.

The remnants of what used to be a house with a brilliant view of the ocean

I suppose the best place to start would be the long hikes I take on almost a daily basis. These certainly occupy a large part of my day, but I am determined to hold true to a promise I made myself before coming here; to walk as much and as far and as often as I can. I love walking, especially in nature, and it is not very often that one gets to do this. Accordingly, I have written off my hiking boots since coming here and am now in need of getting new ones, I have become sun-burnt, and have even lost some weight, despite the brilliant meals I've been having. Best of all though, has got to be the memories I've collected, of which only a scant few can be captured on camera.

Tasting Hotnotsvis for the first time

I have watched whales, dolphins and seals at play. I have stooped over insects and seen wildlife. I have seen the most incredible plants and flowers and even tasted some of them. I have made friends and formed acquaintances, each of which added something valuable to my life. These memories can not all fit into a camera, but I have tried to share at least some of this on my regular travel blog A Pretty Tourist.

The view from Sam's Restaurant where I had fish and chips with some friends and learned that it was still possible for a restaurateur to leave his restaurant in the care of his customers so he could dart off to go buy the the ingredients to serve them their requested dessert.

Knowing that I would be blogging about the trip, I started my blog series even before getting on the plane, by writing about the dilemma of packing for two seasons. I called this blog Weighing in. This was followed by a blog on my stay and shopping spree in Strand before coming to Hondeklipbaai, called Stopping by Strand en route to Hondeklipbaai. I also wrote a couple of blogs where I published photos of my stay in Hondeklipbaai. The first was called Photos of my first 10 days in Hondeklipbaai, and that is exactly what this blog was about. This of course needed to be followed up by two more blogs, Hondeklip - a photo journey Part 2 (days 11-20), and Hondeklip - a photo journey Part 3 (days 21-31).

In Hondeklip I've been privy to some of the most spectacular sunsets imaginable

Namaqualand is famous for its wildflowers and I arrived here in season to witness this. It was therefore no surprise when people kept on prodding me for more info on whether or not the flowers were blooming yet. Sadly, Namaqualand has suffered two consecutive years of severe drought and the flowers are present, but very small. Indeed, they are nothing as spectacular as the reputation that precedes them. I blogged about this as well. The first blog was still written in anticipation of the blooms that were to follow and was titled But there are no blooms! The second blog to follow this was in celebration of the flowers that did brave the drought and I attempted to bring to the readers' attention that Namaqualand is beautiful, even if the flowers are sparse. The second blog was called Namaqualand is BLOOMING beautiful!

In the meantime I had fitted in such as activities as an early morning 4x4 trail and picnic on the beach with friends

Arriving in Cape Town, I learned that my hostess was in the process of refurbishing the guesthouse on the premises in Hondeklipbaai, called Fisherman's Cottage. We went on the above-mentioned shopping spree to get everything needed to open the doors of the cottage in time for the flower season. During these shopping trips, I advised Lynette to rather make scatter cushions than to buy them and she agreed, with me volunteering to do the sewing - an activity I thoroughly enjoy doing . A couple more blogs saw the light of day as a result of this.

Just one of the discarded fishing boats lining the beach of Hondeklipbaai

The sewing and craft blogs was written for my other regular blog A Pretty Talent. The first of the sewing blogs found me sewing pillowcases for square cushions and was accordingly titled Sewing Square Scatter Cushion Pillow Covers. Not very poetic, I know, but it brings its message across very effectively. I then made covers for a couple of round scatter cushions and accordingly wrote a blog titled Sewing Round Scatter Cushion Pillowcases. The leftover fabric was promptly turned into king-sized scatter cushions, resulting in a blog titled Sewing King Sized Scatter Cushions. Finally, I sewed a couple of shower curtains for the Fisherman's Cottage, before I could finally put the sewing machines away. This time the blog was simply titled Sewing Shower Curtains.

One of the birds that came to visit the garden where I was staying

It was not the end of the preparations for getting the Fisherman's Cottage ready, though. There was still a kitchen cupboard that was given a chalk paint makeover by one of the locals who gave me permission to photograph the process and blog about it. This blog was published under the heading Giving An Old Cupboard A Chalk Paint Makeover. Finally the time came to open the doors to the Fisherman's Cottage and I blogged about this on the travel blog, calling it Re-opening the doors of Fisherman's Cottage in Hondeklipbaai.

I still found time to have cake and coffee at Ina's place, one of the bakers for the local coffee shop, The Shack.

In the meantime, my hikes and visits had taken me past some wonderful places and allowed me to cross paths with interesting people. I decided to blog about these as well. The first of these blogs was written about the municipal caravan camp in Hondeklipbaai and was called Camping and caravanning in Hondeklipbaai. I was then invited by friends to go eat at one of the local restaurants called Die Rooi Spinnekop. The owners also run a tented B&B called Skulpieskraal, and I obtained permission to blog about this, following the first blog up with Camping in Hondeklipbaai - Take 2.

An overcast day in Hondeklipbaai always results in spectacular scenes to capture on camera

But, on occasion, one has to leave the bay and explore the surrounding areas as well. When one of my new friends, Elize from the K9 Pottery Studio said she was going to nearby Garies and asked me to tag along, I was happy for the opportunity to see this town that I had heard so much about, for the first time. I sauntered down the main street of Garies and met a number of the residents who were happy to stop and chat with me. I was intrigued by this serene little town and blogged about the experience in a blog called Sauntering down Garies main street.

Yet another overcast day making for hauntingly beautiful photographs

While all of this was going on, I strategised a couple of plans, along with my hosts, to assist some of the local business who were in danger of failing. I helped with such things as calculating costing, working out menus, marketing, etc. This also resulted in me becoming involved with running a stock room where the local bakers could purchase their ingredients at a cheaper price than the local shops allowed for. On top of this, I also made some tomato jam for the The Shack as part of their consignment stock. I blogged about this in a blog called Making Tomato Jam in Namaqualand.

Working out new menus and exploring unfamiliar products

At this stage, I had already cultivated a sourdough starter for myself so that I could continue my experimental baking for the book I intend to bring out in due time. These baking experiments were also included in my blogging. The first blog was called Baking A Namaqualand Seed Loaf Using A Sourdough Starter, and the next was called Baking A Cranberry & Almond Loaf Using A Sourdough Starter.

Children at play

There are more projects that I am working on and their various blogs are in different stages of completion, but I'll wait until the last photographs have been taken, before telling you more about these. In the meantime I will leave you with a collection of the poems I wrote during my first month here. It is a long time habit of mine to rise early in the morning and to write at least two poems every day, one in English and one in Afrikaans. When I first arrived here, I struggled to find a rhythm for my routine, but as soon as my hosts had departed, I fell back into my familiar habits. My poetry and other musings are published in my daily blog A Pretty Author - Miekie. Another blog I publish daily, deals with my faith life and is called Bybel Legkaart.

The wreck in the bay of Hondeklipbaai

Even before embarking on this journey, God started awakening thoughts in my mind of things He wanted me to do, with a very specific message/ministry for an unknown person. In this case, it was merely the issues that this person was dealing with, that God revealed to me. I was still in Strand when I  met the person referred to and sat late one night listening to her telling me her life story, with the tale all the while echoing what God had been telling me all along. With this in mind, as well as the assistance given to the struggling businesses here, I wish to share the last poems I wrote before getting on the plane to fly to Cape Town.

(Published on Bybel Legkaart as Klop-klop)

Ek wonder wie staan by die deur
en klop so aan my hart se seer.
Ek wonder of ek moet oopmaak
en hom innooi in die teer saak.
Miskien moet ek die kans maar waag
want my eie kragte lê bra laag.
Miskien as hy na binnekom,
sal hy my met wysheid kan verstom.

Ek maak die deur oop op 'n skreef,
want bang is in my ingeleef
en ek het nie meer hoop of moed,
maar glo makliker in sleg as goed.
Die Man op die drumpel verbaas my,
ek het nie verwag om Hom hier te kry;
ek het gedink Hy sou van my vergeet
aangesien Hy alles oor my weet.

Hy vra of Hy kan binnekom
en ek nooi Hom in, steeds verstom.
In Sy hande is 'n waterbak
waarmee Hy op Sy knieë neersak.
Hy vra my om rustig terug te leun
wyl Hy my met 'n voetwas seën
en toe ek weer my woorde kry,
vind ek my van my vuil bevry.

Ek kan getuig van veranderinge,
van vreugde, hoop en ander dinge,
van 'n lewens-ommekeer,
van nuut praat en dink en meer.
Maar eintlik wil ek jou net vra
of jy nie dinge het wat pla
en of jy nie ook Sy klop kan hoor?
Maak oop die deur! Begin weer voor.

Depressie(Published on Bybel Legkaart as Depressie)

Soos die donker naderskuif
voel ek hoe die vrees my dryf
om in 'n hoekie te gaan bibber
en van die angs te sit en sidder.

Maar dan kom soek my Vader my
en Hy sukkel nooit om my te kry.
Hy vat my rustig aan die hand
en fluister sag in my verstand.

Met die nuwe insig wat Hy gee,
waag ek dan bewerige treë
en vind moed in die donker plek
wat my in depressie in wou trek.

Smeekgebed(Published on Bybel Legkaart as Smeekgebed)

O Heer, hoor my smeekgebed
U is die enigste Een wat red,
die Een wat my nog kan uithelp,
die lewe het my so oorstelp.

Net waar ek kyk sien ek 'n nood,
selfs by hulle wat aan U behoort
Dit maak my moedeloos en moeg
as ons so onverpoosd bly swoeg.

Tog lyk dit nie asof ons ooit voor kom
en na soveel moeite vra mens hoekom,
waarom is U dan nie in ons leed,
en ons wonder, het U ons vergeet?

Dan sing die voëltjies buitekant,
en ek onthou U hou hulle in stand
Dus pak ek my bekommernis nou weg
en laat toe dat U my saak vir my besleg.

On the eve of taking flight
(Published on Bybel Legkaart under the title When taking off)

As this day draws to an end
I know the place to which I’m sent.
I know not what You have in store,
but I know it will be so much more
than what I can imagine it to be,
as You have hinted at increasingly.

On the eve of taking flight
there are no battles left to fight,
there are no cares to worry me,
as I embark on this journey.
Lord, take care of them that I hold dear,
though I am far, You’re always near.
Even though we are weathered by life's storms, God still holds us carefully in His hands

The wind's embrace

I was charmed by the wind’s embrace
as it blew wildly against my icy face
and I cheered happily at its might
as it pushed the sail in its hapless plight.

The wind was friendly at the start
as I took leave at the shore’s depart,
but it got ominous and menacing
as waves became high and threatening.

The wind blew all day and into the night
as the boat and I put up a courageous fight
but soon the wild waters threw us down
as the waters closed over keel and crown.

Aan die Weskus see het ek my hart kom gee,
maar die lewe loop op vreemde weë,
want wie sou kon raai dat hierdie baai
ook my ongetemde hart sou kon verraai?

Die wind waai wild, die wind waai koud
en die see se spoor spoel die wêreld sout
waar die druppels op my wange land
wyl ek naak lê teen die rots se wand.

Die wind die huil met woeste mag
en beur teen my met al sy krag;
laat my uitgespoel en omgewoel
met 'n hart wat klop, maar niks meer voel.

Garies is a town captured in a time capsule

The Journey
(Published on Bybel Legkaart as The Journey)

In the morning hours, Lord,
I seek to come into accord
with what You want my day to be
and how to get there easily.

But sometimes, Lord, that’s not the plan,
as I have to do all that I can
to pick my route up the elevation
in order to reach my destination.

It’s then I realize that the route I take
matters for the journey’s sake.
For the end of day is not the thing,
but what lies between, is our offering.

God se plan(Published on Bybel Legkaart as God se plan)

Vader, U genade is so groot,
tog soek ek steeds na waar ek hoort.
Al gee U mildelik uit U hand,
troos dit nie my mens-verstand
wat sê dat ek 'n huis moet hê
waar ek my veilig kan neerlê.

Tog, sien ek nie die eindstreep nie
en weet nie wat U beraadslaag nie.
Daarom vertrou ek op U raad,
want dit het my nog net gebaat
om nie my eie kop te glo,
maar eerder in U raad van bo.

Ek kan nie sê dis vir my maklik,
tog is en bly ek steeds inskiklik,
om toe te gee aan wat U wil
en my eie kop se dink te stil.
Wat ook al gebeur, O Heer,
dit troos om te weet U’s in beheer.
Sunrise in Namaqualand

End of the line

Reply to your question, I surely must,
but what do I say when there is no trust?
I no longer believe a word you say
as there are too many lies standing in the way.

For months you have manipulated me,
shaping things into how you want them to be
and I chose to ignore your wily schemes,
knowing it was not the way it seems.

Yet, I have finally reached my limit now
and I wonder if we could survive somehow,
I suspect it might be way too late
as distrust has left us in a ruined state.

We could have been the best of friends
with trust and truth on both our ends,
but now I fear our ways must part
and I must tear you from my heart.

God sê wag!
(Published on Bybel Legkaart as God sê wag!)

Vader, dis al baie jare wat ek vra
en elke keer dan sê U ja,
en tog het daar nog niks gebeur,
maar niks kan ook die vrede steur.

Dus, Vader, kom ek weer U pla
vir 'n antwoord wat meer sê as ja,
as ek net weet waarom ek wag,
berus ek dalk maar nog 'n slag.

Maar nou onthou ek iets van U
U steur U nie aan fieterjasies nie;
daai klein goedjies wat my so pla,
kan U met groot geduld verdra.

Is dit waarom U die tyd verwyl?
Is die oes nog groen, al lyk dit geil?
Is alles dalk nog nie in plek
waaroor ek my mond so groot ooprek?

Dat U beter weet is eenmaal waar,
dit het ek herhaaldelik verklaar.
Dus, pak ek my ongeduld maar weg
en wag dat U my saak besleg.
The school in Hondeklipbaai

At this stage in my journey, God had been sharing personal ideas and impressions with me during my long walks. Some of these made it to the blogs and others are hidden in my heart. One such blog that I wrote for Bybel Legkaart was titled Shaping your world.

(Published on Bybel Legkaart as Lofsang)

O Here, hoor my liefdeslied
wat ek in lofsang aan U bied
Hoor hoe my hart U lof besing
wat aan ons die uitkoms bring.

Wie sou verstaan of kon bepaal
waarom dinge soms so draal?
Tog weet ons U is in beheer
en vind ons troos in dit, o Heer.

Wanneer die vyand om ons dring
en ons geloof met vrees verwring,
dan skep ons moed in U nabye Gees
en verdryf ook hierdie helse vrees.

As siekte of die dood ons tref,
dan staan ons voor die diep besef
dat alles maar net tydelik is
en word ons weer van U bewus.

Vandag kom lê ek my voor U
want ek het geen ander gode nie;
aan U het ek my uitverkoop
en van my eie-ek gestroop.

Ek hef my lofsang in gebed
na U wat my en ander mense red,
ek bring aan U die lof en eer
en weet U hoor my, liewe Heer.

Unburdened(Published on Bybel Legkaart as Unburdened)

You have given me wings to fly,
wings to lift me way up high,
and carry me across the sky
and wave my earthly cares goodbye.

But there’s a weight inside my chest,
a nurtured weight against my breast
from which there’s no escape or rest,
that keep me from my Godly quest.

Shall I then leave this weight with You
as better things from You ensue?
And can I then Your dreams pursue
as You take care of this thing too?

Now, watch me soar with all my might
and lift off in a heavenly flight
to help others in their earthly plight
and help them set their wrongs to right.

Loss of limb is not loss of life. Catharsis is a medical term used when something is cut out of the body because it isn't good for the health of the body. Painful as the procedure might be, it is best to loose the small part and save the life of the patient, than for the patient to loose their life. The same is true spiritually. Pluck out your eye and toss it away, or cut off your hand. Do what you need to do to save yourself spiritually. Discard what is bad, and seek God out!

Seeking God
(Published on Bybel Legkaart as Seeking God)

When sleep no longer cares for me
and darkness sits on all I see,
I open up my Spiritual eyes
to find the truth among the lies.

When monsters lurk under my bed
and colour my thoughts a gruesome red,
I find the Light inside of me
to make the monsters less scary.

When all I hold dear start to slip away
and there’s nothing that will make it stay,
I turn to the Anchor in my life
and give Him my turmoil and my strife.

When all is peace, and calm restored
and everything comes to accord,
I turn to my Keeper with my praise
and thank Him for every one of these days.

'n Veld-les(Published on Bybel Legkaart as 'n Veld-les)

Wanneer ek die veld so loop en kyk
en sien hoe mooi die wêreld lyk,
hoe alles op die regte tyd gebeur
en al die dood na leef terugkeer,
dan kom ek weer voor die besef
dat u my van die las onthef
om elke aspek te wil rig
in my selfopgelegde mense-plig.

Wanneer die blommeprag ontluik
en veelkleuring op die velde pryk,
sonder 'n sorg oor môre se dag
en wat moontlik dan op hulle wag,
dan weet ek U is in beheer
en laat U nie deur mense steur,
dat dinge op U tydstip sal gebeur
en dat vandag se sorge ook verweer.
Making tomato jam


Die Ooswind se waai verwarm die baai
keer die baaienaarse se oë terug na die kaai
bring die son na die see om dit lewe te gee
na die vis wat hul voed uit die plat-kalm see.

Maar die see se gemoed is nie te vertrou,
soos die liefde van 'n wanhopige vrou
wat dag vir dag na haar minnaar smag
sonder om te weet wat om te verwag.

Kom Ooswind, waai, en waai my skoon
waai al die dink wat in my woon,
waai dit van hier tot in die see
en laat staan my dan so skoongevee.

Flowers fade
I saw the beauty of the land
as we walked upon it hand in hand
as it bloomed and budded all around
with luscious life that knew no bound

But life was never permanent
no matter how magnificent
and as the flowers wilted away
I knew that you too could not stay

The memories wane as flowers fade
and the new ones formed seem to invade
upon the sacred life that we had known,
upon the life that we had grown

Thus I return you to the soil,
the dust that holds no fear or spoil,
to a Life that knows no suffering,
to hope’s eternal Life Spring

A ruin in the bay

Clearing away the fog

The mist rolled in across the bay
and muted the words I had to say
for it stripped me of my clarity
and blinded me to what could be

Perhaps the mist was kind that day
as it rolled across the empty bay,
perhaps it saved us both the sight,
the knowledge that we were not right

As the mist cleared from the bay,
it was clear that you would go away,
that it became impossible to stay -
but I knew that I would be okay

(Published on Bybel Legkaart as Terugblik)

Daar is so baie waaroor ek wonder
en ook daai een ding in besonder
en al weet ek ook dat U besef
hoe diep die goed my menswees tref,
vind ek myself soms rebelleer
teen U stilswyende beheer.

Maar dan kyk op die paadjie terug
en ek sien wat lê agter my rug,
en ek besef hoe U my uit moes help
en die vloed daarvan laat my oorstelp;
dan kyk ek op met dank, o Heer
en lê my toekoms voor U neer.
The Ice House in the harbour of Hondeklipbaai

(Published on Bybel Legkaart as Focus)

Lord, give me the strength to do Your will
and silence my mind to make it still,
for my thoughts have set my feelings alight
and they force me to focus on things that aren’t right.

My conflict and turmoil have left me in despair
and I get to the point where I think You’re unfair,
but then I check my thoughts against what I know
and find my feelings are lying, for You are not so.

Father, I choose to believe in all that You’ve said,
despite the rhetoric raging inside my head;
I’ll stay focused upon You who knows best
and train my mind to forget the lies of the rest.

Die uitgesonderde
Wêreld, vandag moet jy my maar verskoon
want ek is moeg vir hulle wat jou bewoon,
vir hulle wat my fyn en flenters trap
en dan onsmaaklik lag vir hulle grap.

Hul maak asof ek geheel waardeloos is,
maar in dit is hulle in geheel misgis,
want my waarde lê nie verskuil in hulle oë
en het niks te doen met wat hul oor my glo.

God het my waardevol verklaar
die dag toe Hy my aan Sy kant skaar,
en my klee met met 'n kleed aan Hom verbind
en 'n vaandel wat sê Hy’s my goedgesind.

As jul my dus nie herken as een van jul soort,
is dit dalk omdat ek nie meer by jul hoort,
maar dan is die klag nie teen my gerig,
maar teen jul wat my uitlag in God se gesig!

A lamb resembling its mother


Heelhuids word ons ingeprop
in die meule van die mensdom -
fyngemaal en ingestop
mond gesnoer, totaal verstom.
Derms ryg ons dolleeg uit
en stop dit met herskepte vlees
sonder dink oor wie ons uitbuit -
en wie hul eintlik sou kon wees.
Worsmasjien van mense-genade
was jou hande nie in onskuld
want jy doen jou eie menswees skade
omring deur wors-mens – onvervuld.

Future knowledge
(Published on Bybel Legkaart as Knowing the future)

I wish that I could clearly see
the things the future holds for me -
the ones that are nice I would embrace
and from the rest, I’d turn and race.

Yet, I think fear would overtake me
and then I would not be who I could be,
for I would be paralysed from the head
and might struggle to simply get out of bed.

So, perhaps I would rather not know
what my future life has in tow.
Perhaps I’d rather trust the Holy Spirit
to equip me for life and all that is in it.

A natural arch on a road leading nowhere


I saw the distrust in your eyes
as you bowed before deceitful lies,
lies that you yourself made up
ere you had me for a noontime sup

If only you had bothered to find out
what my agenda was about,
you may have known I simply cared,
that you had no reason to be scared

I only came to help you out
when there was no one else about,
when you sat with your hands in hair,
completely given to despair

So, how did I become this fiend,
this ominously threatening giant
that came to rob you of your food,
and threaten your whole livelihood?

Relax, sit back and let it go,
these fears that overwhelm you so;
I’m here to help you find a way
to make it possible for you to stay

Sout vriende
Vir elke vriend wat mens verloor,
begin 'n nuwe een van voor,
is daar iemand wat jou weer heel
en hartseer uit jou lewe streel.

Ou vriende kleef ook soos 'n neet
en kry jou sommer vinnig beet
as jy dalkies bietjie skeef wil trap;
sorg dat jy die regte ding weer snap.

Vir al my vriende, nuut en oud,
jul is vir my so goed soos sout;
jul gee aan die lewe smaak en geur,
en jul moet weet dat ek dit waardeer.
Solo picnic on a hike

Leer van leed
(Published on Bybel Legkaart as Leer van leed)

My Vader, kan ek by U leer
van menseleed en hul hartseer,
want in myself is ek beperk,
soek uitkoms in 'n wonderwerk

Maar soms dan moet ons maar daardeur
al maak die goed ons vreeslik seer
want dis hoe ons karakter kry
en van ons selfbelang bevry

Leer my dan dit wat ek moet weet
oor mense-lief en ook hul leed
en gee my dan meer empatie
sodat ek hul nie miskyk nie

Dry bed
Yesterday I went to Garies
where they seem to have no worries
where they seem to have no earthly care
where people are happy everywhere

But then they looked towards the sky
and kept their gazes fixed on high
for they had had no rain this year
and drought has gripped their hearts with fear

When you open the tap and water comes out
remember the source of this wet spout
and that the river that snakes across the land
has to make its way to this arid sand

So turn off the tap and don’t let it flow
it isn’t an endless stream, you know
Consider the people in the Karoo
and think twice about the things that you do

The abandoned fish factory in Hondeklipbaai

Who's the judge?
(Published on Bybel Legkaart as Who's the judge?)

Somewhere in the distance
I can hear a roar,
there’s a mighty thunder
where the eagles soar.
Then a light emerges
from behind a cloud
and voices rise in singing
as praise is called out loud.
But then they all fall silent
in dumbstruck awe and fear
for upon that bright and luminous cloud
the Saviour of the world draws near.
In His hand He holds a book
for all who wish to see
if their names are written there,
for those have been set free.
But if their names could not be found,
what woe to follow near!
For those who did not love the Lord,
has reason for their fear.

There is still time for you and me
to run to God’s embrace;
He came to love, not judge the world -
the judge has your own face!

Dis tamaties en suiker
en 'n bietjie pektien
Die lekker wat uitkom
moet jy net sien
Dit kook en dit prut
en dit stoom al heeldag
maar vir die soete jêm
sal ons heeldag wag.
Sny daardie broodjie
en botter hom gou,
want die jêm gaan geeët word,
al is hy nog lou.

(Published on Bybel Legkaart as Beskikbaar)

Vader, hierdie dag se dink en praat
wil ek baie graag aan U oorlaat.
Wanneer ek dit self beheer,
sien ek ek maak mense seer.
Keer dus my woord nog voor dit uit,
nog beter as U my denke stuit.
Laat wat ek dink en doen en sê
U stempel van goedkeuring hê.
Neem dan ook my hande, Heer
en lê U werke in hul neer.
Rig my voete op U pad,
dat dit my na U doel toe vat.
My hart, my siel gee ek aan U
en skrik nie vir emosie nie;
laat daar 'n traan rol as U wil,
as dit sal help om pyn te stil.
Maar bowe al, my liewe Heer,
stel ek my gees onder U beheer,
want as U Gees my gees versterk,
dan word my doen 'n wonderwerk.

The greatest calling(Published on Bybel Legkaart as The greatest calling)

Last night I dreamed I went to You
to see what You would have me do,
and as I stood there in Your sight,
I was awestruck by Your splendid might.

I realized then what I did not know,
that You did not need me to bend the bow,
to defend Your honour and Your Name
to those who brought it discredit and shame.

I thought You’d need me to say something,
to let the heavens with praises ring,
but again I seemed to get it wrong,
for the angels were already singing that song.

I then looked down at my hands and feet,
to look for something there You might need,
but You smiled and only shook Your head,
dismissing me to return to bed.

I did not want to let it go,
promptly insisting on letting You know
that I had worth that I could bring to You,
that there was loads that I could do.

You smiled and told me to get some rest,
that You knew I always gave You my best.
You then bent down to find my ear,
whispering something I desperately needed to hear.

You did not need my words or deeds
to fill man’s seemingly bottomless needs;
You created me to be loved by You,
and to love You back was the best I could do.
A view of the bay

In company with God
(Published on Bybel Legkaart as In company with God)

Lord, I give You all my life
all my troubles and my strife
every triumph, even fear,
as long as You will draw me near.

Lord, I can not live without
the knowledge that You are about,
for knowing You are near to me
is what energizes me.

Lord, I have nothing more to gain
all I worked for now seem vain,
for in You I find clarity,
to be who I was meant to be.

So Lord, accept my willing heart
and may I never from You depart,
take my future and my past
for life that will forever last.

(Published on Bybel Legkaart as Ribboklam)

Vader, hierdie ribbok het gefaal
om die hoë hoogtes te kon haal.
Ek voel te swaar om dit te klim,
dit lyk te hoog, ek is te slim.
Ek ken mos my beperkinge
en weet ek leef nie in daai kringe.
Dus, moet dit nie van my verwag
om berge te klim in eie krag.

My Vader lag van oor tot oor,
Hy’t hierdie storie reeds gehoor.
Hy lig my op met Sy vinger se punt
en laat my voete die hoogtes vind.
Vader, U ribbok-kind het geleer
dis die moeite werd om in U te probeer.
In my eie krag kan ek maklik faal,
maar daar’s nêrens waar U my nie uit sal haal.

Whale bones in the yard!

Gebed vir ongelowiges
(Published on Bybel Legkaart as Gebed vir ongelowiges)

Voor die son vanaand gaan sak
kom staan ek met my hande bak
en vra dat U weer sal voorsien
uit genade, nie omdat ek dit verdien.

U weet dat ek afhanklik bly
van elke Woord wat ek by U kry,
want elke hartklop en asemteug
is sonder U gestroop van deug.

Ek vra dat U my op sal rig
en my sal wys wat is my plig,
dat U my ook bereid sal maak
om hul te help wat U versaak.

Ons glo nie meer almal in U nie
en dis 'n hartseer storie die,
maar dan kom ek en pleit by U
dat U nie op ons opgee nie.

Vader, ons is so wys in eie oë;
maak maklik iets op om in te glo.
Ek vra dat U Uself sal toon
aan elkeen wat hierdie aarde bewoon.

Ek weet U is steeds aan die gang
en dat ons bestaan steeds van U afhang,
tog werk U in liefde en nie met vrees -
as ons tog net van U bewus wou wees!

Ek lê elke mens vandag voor U oë,
insluitend hulle wat nie in U glo,
ontferm U oor hulle verstand
en werk nuwe kennis vir hul aan die hand.

Dolphin school

I sat on the rocks and looked at the sea
and oh, what a treasure awaited me,
for as my gaze swept over the scene
a dolphin emerged there, all agile and lean.

His pleasure was clear as he somersaulted
over the water from which he catapulted
and I wondered what else still dwelt below
the dark waters that fascinated me so.

I bet there were plenty of fish all around,
yet not one of them made a single sound
and aside from the dolphins, they all seemed to know
that it was safer to hide, than to put on a show.

Then I wondered if there was a lesson for me
hidden in all that I could not see;
sometimes God asks me to simply believe
and to remember the eye can also deceive.

Die fondasie

Gister het ek geloop sonder om te klop
maar vandag het ek by die deur gestop
want die huis wat uitstaan teen sy bure
laat my wonder wat’s agter sy mure.

“Middag,” groet ek dan die vrou
wat die deur vir my oophou
en my nooi om in te kom,
al laat my daar-wees haar verstom.

Ek vra wat die storie agter haar huis is,
maar sy lyk van die verskille onbewus
tot ek haar tuin aan haar uitwys
en die versorgde toestand van haar huis.

Dan lag sy lekker uit haar maag
en sê dis haar man wat die goed najaag;
hy kom uit die Boland waar jy moet snoei,
wyl jy hier moet sukkel dat goed net groei.

Die goed wat sy sê maak wel vir my sin,
want hoe ons leef, spruit uit waar ons begin,
die goed en die sleg neem ons met ons saam -
ons kan daarmee pronk, of ons daarvoor skaam.

Vicky getting teased by the geese

Elke hond kry sy dag

Vanoggend spring ek pronkstert uit die bed
gereed om man en muis van invallers te red,
maar wat was my verbasing groot
toe ek vind niemand dreig ons met dood.

Die honde blaf dat hoor en sien vergaan,
dit grom en knor vir alles wat bestaan,
maar 'n oortreder kon ek glad nie vind
vir hierdie honde-skrikbewind.

Dus, glip ek terug onder die kombers
wyl ek hard op al my tande kners
want die wysers teen die ander muur
vertel dis steeds 'n bose uur.

Later, toe ek op is en die son sit hoog
begin 'n gedagte in my kop betoog
want die honde lê lekker in die son en dut
terwyl ek kiertsregop op die stoel moet sit.

Toe ek my kon kry, toe spring ek op
en toe’s daar aan my planne geen meer stop -
ek skreeu en ek gil en ek maak 'n geraas
en die honde skrik wakker, bekyk my verdwaas.

As jy dus in my huis 'n hond wil wees,
sal jy moet leer om tot laat op te wees,
want vroëe oggende mag jou dalk berou
in die huis van die anders-denkende vrou.

The ruin
I want to walk where others walked,
think the thoughts that others thought,
and as I put my foot upon this stone
I want to know what made this home.
I see the rubble all around it
where previously love abounded
and I wonder what has failed man here,
was it truth, or was it fear?
I wish that I could be here then
when the house caved to the will of men,
but as a I stand upon this site,
I am witness to a desperate plight.

The Shack coffee shop

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